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Inessa - Secrets of the Stars - Natural Eyebrows

Friends, in the new issue of the magazine "Women's Health" (June-July 2021) my short article was published. I hope you find my advice helpful.

When it comes to personal and facial care, I love trying new things and looking for the most suitable treatments for myself. I tried eyebrow lamination several times. On the one hand, it is convenient, but, unfortunately, with undesirable consequences. The effect was indeed visible, but after the second procedure, I noticed that my hair began to thin. This is probably due to the chemical composition that fixes the hair. But castor oil corrected the situation. Whatever funds appear in stores, there is nothing better than proven ones. It took a little more than a month to restore the eyebrows: the hairs are not only branches, but also become stronger. By the way, as strengthening and health of eyebrow and eyelash hair, I use black henna: effective, useful, and most importantly natural.

Inessa - Magazine "Women's Health" - Secrets of the Stars
Inessa - Magazine "Women's Health" - Secrets of the Stars

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